(RADIATOR) load share

M.I. Deen deen at slt.lk
Thu Feb 26 07:35:02 CST 2004


Just to highlight we had a problem with our ADSL BRAS's going down, and coming back up again. As soon as these BRAS' went live, due to the authentication load (3000 ADSL ports on one radius server), the authentication was rejected by the radius server. In order to overcome this we turned back on the ADSL BRAS one by one. 

In this situation for this not to happen, I would like your comments on whether to 

(1) load share between radius servers (two physical servers) on BRAS basis
(2) load share between radius server instances  (on one server) on BRAS basis
(3) use authby loadbalanace. 

Also we are using radius pool on MySQL, to allocate IP addresses. So can we have a common pool shared among two radius servers in the above scenario. 

Our cutomer information is on /etc/passwd file. 


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