(RADIATOR) Question about Acct-Session-Id in Cisco AS5300

Ricardo Martinez rmartinez at redvoiss.net
Wed Feb 18 14:12:48 CST 2004

I'm new using RADIATOR.  I have several question and i hope that someone
coud give me a hand.  
The test scenario is as following :

Two NAS (Cisco AS5300 and other NAS device) and Radiator receiving the
Radius accounting packets from both of them.

I'm using Radiator 3.7.1  interacting with a SQL database.  The next is my
radius.cfg  file

LogDir          .
DbDir           .

# This will log at DEBUG level: very verbose
# User a lower trace level in production systems, typically use 3
Trace           4

    Secret mysecret

    Secret mysecret2

        DBSource        dbi:Oracle:desadb
        DBUsername      radius
        DBAuth          radius

# Authenticate all realms with this
        <AuthBy SQL>
                DBSource        dbi:Oracle:desadb
                DBUsername      radius
                DBAuth          radius

                AccountingTable ACCOUNTING
                AcctColumnDef   USERNAME,User-Name
                AcctColumnDef   CALLINGSTATIONID,Calling-Station-Id
                AcctColumnDef   CALLEDSTATIONIDE,Calling-Station-Id
                AcctColumnDef   ACCTSTATUSTYPE,Calling-Station-Id
                AcctColumnDef   ACCTSESSIONID,Acct-Session-Id
                AcctColumnDef   ACCTSESSIONTIME,Acct-Session-Time,integer
                AcctColumnDef   NASIPADDRESS,NAS-IP-Address
                AcctColumnDef   ACCTINPUTOCT,Acct-Input-Octets,integer
                AcctColumnDef   ACCTOUTPUTOCT,Acct-Output-Octets,integer
                AcctColumnDef   ACCTINPUTPKTS,Acct-Input-Packets,integer
                AcctColumnDef   ACCTOUTPUTPKTS,Acct-Output-Packets,integer
                AcctColumnDef   ACCTDELAYTIME,Acct-Dealy-Time,integer
                AcctColumnDef   ACCTAUTHENTIC,Acct-Authentic

        AcctLogFileName %D/detail

Questions :

1. How can i do to create a log file with my own format. For example i want
that the local log file like this:
User-Name	Calling-Station-Id		Calling-Station-Id	

One line per radius request. (maybe with more attributes in each line, but
this is just an example)

2.  Each NAS device sends different formats of radius packets.  Beside the
typical radius attributes, the AS5300 sends in the Acct-Session-Id all the
VSA information, as you can see in next lines : 

Code:       Accounting-Request
Identifier: 41
Authentic:  <236><235><224><202><189><183>_ <185>]<180><147>/<151><244>|
        Acct-Session-Id = "560/15:13:44.504 CHILE Wed Feb 18
2004/AS5300_GW./51AB3340 8EEDE127 804E0002
A4003761/originate/Telephony/15:13:48.054 CHILE Wed Feb 18 2004/15:13:53.154
CHILE Wed Feb 18 2004/10/51AB3340 8EEDE127 804E0002 A4003761"
        Acct-Input-Octets = 7860
        Acct-Output-Octets = 770
        Acct-Input-Packets = 393
        Acct-Output-Packets = 40
        Acct-Session-Time = 5
        Acct-Authentic = 0
        User-Name = "AP2"
        Acct-Status-Type = Stop
        NAS-Port-Type = Async
        NAS-Port = 0
        Calling-Station-Id = "111"
        Called-Station-Id = "005622408196"
        Service-Type = Login-User
        NAS-IP-Address =
        Acct-Delay-Time = 0

So, all the information that i want to hadle is in the Acct-Session-Id.  
Is there a way to parse all the information in the Acct-Session-Id to
different "new" attributes, and then this attributes send them to the SQL.
For example i want to map this attributes in the Acct-Session-Id in the new
Cisco VSA attributes.. and then send it to the SQL Database..

         cisco-h323-call-origin = "h323-call-origin=originate"
        cisco-h323-call-type = "h323-call-type=Telephony"
        cisco-h323-setup-time = "h323-setup-time=15:13:44.504 CHILE Wed Feb
18 2004"
        cisco-h323-connect-time = "h323-connect-time=15:13:48.054 CHILE Wed
Feb 18 2004/"
        cisco-h323-disconnect-time = "h323-disconnect-time=15:13:53.154
CHILE Wed Feb 18 2004"
        cisco-h323-disconnect-cause = "h323-disconnect-cause=10"
Is this posible?..

For the other hand the NAS2 device send the attributes one per line, as you
can see in the next extract : 
Cisco-NAS-Port = "FXS 0/0/0"
        NAS-Port-Type = Async
        User-Name = "111"
        Called-Station-Id = "005622408196"
        Calling-Station-Id = "111"
        Acct-Status-Type = Stop
        Service-Type = Login-User
        cisco-h323-gw-id = "h323-gw-id=AP200"
        cisco-avpair = "h323-incoming-conf-id=CAAB3340 C428A942 80500002
        cisco-h323-call-origin = "h323-call-origin=answer"
        cisco-h323-call-type = "h323-call-type=Telephony"
        cisco-h323-setup-time = "h323-setup-time=18:15:38.000 UTC Wed Feb 18
        cisco-h323-connect-time = "h323-connect-time=18:15:48.000 UTC Wed
Feb 18 2004"
        cisco-h323-disconnect-time = "h323-disconnect-time=18:15:58.000 UTC
Wed Feb 18 2004"
        cisco-h323-disconnect-cause = "h323-disconnect-cause=10"
        cisco-h323-voice-quality = "h323-voice-quality=0"
        cisco-h323-conf-id = "h323-conf-id=CAAB3340 C428A942 80500002
        Acct-Session-Id = "00000002"
        Acct-Input-Octets = 3710
        Acct-Output-Octets = 7780
        Acct-Input-Packets = 192
        Acct-Output-Packets = 389
        Acct-Session-Time = 10

So i have no problem to fill this attributes in the SQL database... But if
i'm receiving the two kinds of radius packet format, can i hadle the two
packets with the same instance of  Radiator?, maybe with different REALMS?..
how can i do that... ?  Suppose that not only have one of each NAS device,
instead i have 3 AS5300 and 2 NAS2 devices... ..

I really hope that someone can help me!..
Thanks in advance.
Best regards 


> Ricardo Javier Martinez Ogalde
> Ingeniero de Desarrollo
> Cisco Certified Network Associate ,CCNA (CSCO 10643101)
> *   :  (56 2) 240 81 96
> *    :  (56 2) 245 74 95
> *   :  rmartinez at redvoiss.net
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