(RADIATOR) Radiator and MySQL questions

Vincent Jordan vjordan at nynexbroadband.com
Tue Feb 17 11:35:28 CST 2004

Greetings all,

I understand that one could have client auth data pulled from a mysql 
database. Is it possible ot do the same with realm data? so if 
user at realm.com sends an auth request radiator will pull realm 
information such as attributes, what db to lookup for user info, where 
to log data??

another issue im having is: my dial side is outsourced. they pass radius 
information to me and my radius server returns info. they are usinf free 
radius. they have several NAS devices such as cisco, livingston, and 
USR. is there a attrib or something i can send if i wanted to deny a 
user access. I currently append the password which at times can be a 
pain. I would live to try to add a row in the database like ( issuspend 
tinyint(1) default'0' ) if the value was set to 1 radiator would not 
allow the user to connect and return a 619...

any help would be greatly appriciated....



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