(RADIATOR) Filtering SQL logging

Davids, Ronald Ronald.Davids at essent.nl
Mon Feb 16 06:33:46 CST 2004


I'm using the Radius attribute Time and Timeout for dial-in restriction (
only weekdays 08:00-18:00 ).
Normally I use LogSQL with Trace = 3.

The problem is that I get a huge lot of logging.
The server is logging a couple of message (Time: not within an allowable
Time range) per second.

I've set Trace = 2 so now I don't get the messages anymore.
However now I don't get the another, informational, messages either which I
still want to log.

Is there a way to filter the logging so that I log all the informational
except the messages that contains "Time: not within an allowable Time range"

I'm using Radiator 3.3.1

Thanks in advance,



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