(RADIATOR) Possible to Proxy PEAP-EAP-MSCHAP v2 to IAS?

Michael Harlow Michael.Harlow at utas.edu.au
Thu Feb 12 23:51:26 CST 2004

This has been a long thread, and each message growing longer... But I would
like to say it was worth reading it for the pointer to SecureW32 from Alfa &

We were moments away from spending well over $10k on hundreds of Odyssey
licenses (and I mean a handful of minutes), when I came across it in this
thread. I uninstalled Odyssey, and dropped SecureW32 into my XP laptop,
configured it, and it worked. My authentication (TTLS/PAP) needed no
changes, the accounting looks perfect. It seems to do the right things, both
wired and wireless.  A lot of Universities are not made of money, and it
comes at a very suitable price. Thank you mailing list.

Now I need to make contact and see about being able to distribute it and
their user documents internally to staff and students. Our new teaching year
starts in a week or so.


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See Below...

Terry Simons wrote:

> I'm just curious as to the reason for wanting to use PEAP.
Not really *wanting* to but looking for low cost solutions.  Our
customers want to know why they have to pay for something that the OS

> Is it because TLS and PEAP are the only natively supported EAP types in
> Windows, and people don't want to install extra software just to gain
> 802.1x functionality, or is it because people don't want to *pay* for
> extra software to gain functionality that is "present" in Windows?
Yes & yes.  One more piece of software to support and, in times of
budget cutbacks, free is a big plus :-)

> For what it's worth, there is a *free* TTLS->PAP plugin for Windows that
> plugs right in to WIndows XP Zero Config which works quite nicely, so
> for those that don't want to spend the extra cash, this might be an
I looked at it a year or so ago...and was not happy with it...I'll look
at it again.

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