(RADIATOR) Wireless Authentication question

Joe Honnold honnold at starkey.com
Mon Feb 2 14:57:26 CST 2004

I have an LDAP infrastructure that is using SHA1 encrypted passwords.
After testing TTLS<->PAP with the Odessy client the decision was made 
not to move forward with it.
I need to take a closer look at LEAP.
I am looking for some advise on the following:

I was hoping I can get Radiator to authenticate to a CGI running on a 
web server which is then bound to LDAP.  I am not sure whether this 
makes sense or not???
Do you think it an be done?  What are the gotta's?

I see the process as this.

Client<--->AP<--->Radius<--->Web Server CGI<--->LDAP

With LEAP is the auth request encrypted to the AP?

Thanks in advance.

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