(RADIATOR) Radmin and DSL.

Michael Bellears mbellears at staff.datafx.com.au
Wed Jun 25 22:50:25 CDT 2003

Client of ours is running Radmin-1.7, Radiator 3.5 for dialup clients

They want to now also Authenticate for DSL users - NAS will be a Cisco

I have added a new Client (Via Radmin), with a NAS Type of CiscoVPDN.

Would I need to add a new realm to the config with <AuthBy RADMIN> and
also containing an <AuthBy DYNADDRESS> to allocate a different pool(To
the modem dialup users) of dynamic adddresses?

Has anyone setup something similar to the above that would like to share
there experiences?

Thanks in advance.


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