(RADIATOR) Radiator 3.5 & Rodopi 5.2sp3

Tim Jung tjung at igateway.net
Wed Jun 25 17:33:33 CDT 2003

I was wondering if someone could tell me why I am getting these errors from
time to time in the Radiator log on my Linux box? It looks like it is
getting data from the Remote Access server and isn't able to dump it into
the MS-SQL database that Rodopi uses.

Wed Jun 25 17:20:43 2003: ERR: do failed for 'exec Interface_VircomDetails
'00138AEE', 'Jun 25, 2003 17:16', 'paulhostkoetter', '', 13777,
'Framed-User', 'PPP', '', '6367240300',
'Stop', 0, 141096, 1550059, 1500, 3410, 4373, 'User-Request', 'Async',
'45333/26400 V.90/V.42/V.42bis QC',
'6367541208'': Server message number=8114 severity=16 state=1 line=0
server=BILLINGprocedure=Interface_VircomDetailstext=Error converting data
type varchar to numeric.

I don't get this every single time, but I do seem to get it often enough
that it is annoying and messes with keeping track of multiple logins and

Let me know how to fix this or what I can do about it. Thanks.

Tim Jung
System Admin
Internet Gateway
tjung at igateway.net

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