(RADIATOR) Nokia wireless card

Mikko Suomi mikkoss at evtek.fi
Mon Jun 16 09:59:39 CDT 2003

Hi Mike

Mike McCauley wrote:

>Hello all,
>has anyone had any experience with the Nokia D211 WLAN/GPRS card?
I used one D211 for a while. WLAN worked just fine in Windows XP with 
Nokia's newest beta drivers and Cisco Aironet 350 AP. I didn't have much 
time to test GPRS funktionality, but it seemed to work ok. I didn't test 
HSCSD because it was not needed for that computer. It was quite handy to 
have all wireless network connection in one card no need to swap card 
when WLAN coverage ended. WLAN part of the card was much better than in 
Nokias old C110 cards. It was very handy to use in HP jornada 720 
Windows CE to get WLAN and GPRS connections.

I did some small testing with WLAN and 802.1x authentication in Windows 
XP. Some times there were small problems to get authentication work but 
no major problems. (802.1x doesn't work in Windows 2000 with Nokia's 
drivers and Windows XP support requires newest beta drivers from nokias 

Mikko Suomi
mikkoss at evtek.fi

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