(RADIATOR) Run Stored Proc for Stop-records

Robert Blayzor noc at inoc.net
Fri Jun 13 07:45:12 CDT 2003

On 6/13/03 7:16 AM, "Herman verschooten" <H.verschooten at webvisie.net> wrote:

> I would like to run a stored procedure on MS-SQL for stop-records.  But
> I want to keep the normal inserts of the Start/Update/Stop-records too.
> How can I most easily do this?  An extra AuthBy SQL? Can I use the
> AcctInsertQuery to run the stored proc?  I would very much like the
> functionality to be able to select a value from different values
> depending on their availability in the radius-packet.

Yes, you can just pass your accounting query to a stored procedure.  What
you do with the data from there is totally up to you.  With Radiator you can
specify the exact accounting query to your backend with as many or as little
RADIUS attribs as you want....

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