(RADIATOR) How to debug ignored Access Request??

Erik Wirring LE34 Trimble Center Danmark ew at trimblecenter.dk
Thu Jun 12 03:31:40 CDT 2003

We are currently testing a GPRS connection to our network where the Telephone Company sends the data thru a GRE tunnel.
To control who is allowed to connect and what IP no (Internal IPno)  they shall use we use the Radiator server.
We can see from the package and byte count on the Cisco router where the tunnel ends that there comes 3 packets with a sum of 522 bytes -that looks lige three access-requests but the Radiator doesnot show any thing in the debug window.

Should I be able to see a Access-request from a client not configurated or with a wrong shared secret in the debug ??

Or how do see what these access-request are.

At the moment the telephone company thinks that the 'monkey' is on my side because we can count these three packets comming out of the tunnel.

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