(RADIATOR) Uncorrect address from pool

Mike McCauley mikem at open.com.au
Mon Jun 9 18:43:19 CDT 2003

Hello Anton,

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003 11:15 pm, Uskov A. wrote:
> I've the following lines in radius.cfg
> FramedGroupMaxPortsPerClassC 30
> FramedGroupBaseAddress
> FramedGroupBaseAddress
> FramedGroupBaseAddress
> and sometimes I get the address 192.168.56.* (instead 192.168.55.*) for a
> PPP connection from pool 1(or 3) and address 194.186.44.* (instead
> 194.186.43.*) for a PPP connection from pool 2.
> Does someone know what is the matter?

Without seeing your log files it hard to tell for sure what is going on.

When Radaitor calculates the IP address using FramedGroupBaseAddress  and 
FramedGroupMaxPortsPerClassC, it adds the NAS-Port number from the incoming 
address to FramedGroupBaseAddress, modulo FramedGroupMaxPortsPerClassC. In 
your case, if NAS-Port is more than 30, you would get an address in the 
192.168.56.* range.

In order to be sure what is going on you will need to look at your log files 
and see what the NAS-Port is in your incoming requests.


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