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Nathan 'Franko' Franklin radiator_tsn at tsn.cc
Tue Jun 3 21:51:30 CDT 2003

Hello List,

This is a bit off topic, but i was wandering if you guys could help me

I have a PostAuthHook and inside the postauthhook i want to call some subs in that hook file. I am not really a perl programmer, but i try, anyway it isnt working

Could someone tell me why

PostAuthHook FILE

sub {
 &main::log($main::LOG_DEBUG,"Start Hook Processing");
 # Used for National Ports, 
 # Rejecting user if they are not a national customer,
 # IE They have local ports at thier location
 # Used to make sure that customers arnt dialing into 
 # DOV access unless they have a DOV account 
 &main::log($main::LOG_DEBUG,"Finish Hook Processing");
sub rejectLocationPortNationDialing {
 my $request = ${$_[0]};
 my $reply = ${$_[1]};
 my $result = ${$_[2]};
sub denyNonDOVAccessingDOV {
 my $request = ${$_[0]};
 my $reply = ${$_[1]};
 my $result = ${$_[2]};

end of file

there is extra code inside the two subs i am calling but i wont bother pasting that because it isnt even getting to that

here is the error i am getting

Wed Jun  4 12:40:28 2003: ERR: Compilation error in PostAuthHook: syntax error a
t (eval 45) line 16, near "}

sub rejectLocationPortNationDialing "

Can't use global @_ in "my" at (eval 45) line 17, near "{$_"

any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards

Nathan Franklin
TSN Internet
nathan at tsn.cc
MSN: nathanfranko at hotmail.com

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