(RADIATOR) Identifier, PostAuthHook

Mike McCauley mikem at open.com.au
Mon Jun 2 22:43:00 CDT 2003

Hello Nathan ,

On Tue, 3 Jun 2003 12:27 pm, Nathan 'Franko' Franklin wrote:
> Hello Hugh and List
> I am writing a PostAuthHook, I need to use the AuthBy's Identifiers'
> database connections
> I can reference it staticly like this:
> my $db = Radius::AuthGeneric::find('AuthByEmerald');
> how do i reference it dynamicly, specific to its authby clause
> I Have tried this
> my $id = $request->{Identifier};
> my $db = Radius::AuthGeneric::find($id);
> and
> my $id = Radius::Util::format_special('%{Handler:Identifier}', $request);
> # $id return an empty string
> my $db = Radius::AuthGeneric::find($id);
> any ideas???

You cant find the AuthBy by looking at the request packet: its not stored 
there, mainly becasue its possible for a requiest to tgo through several 

You can find the Client it went through with:

You can find the Handler it went through with:

Hope that helps

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