(RADIATOR) Identifier, PostAuthHook

Nathan 'Franko' Franklin radiator_tsn at tsn.cc
Mon Jun 2 21:27:38 CDT 2003

Hello Hugh and List

I am writing a PostAuthHook, I need to use the AuthBy's Identifiers' database connections

I can reference it staticly like this:

my $db = Radius::AuthGeneric::find('AuthByEmerald');

how do i reference it dynamicly, specific to its authby clause

I Have tried this

my $id = $request->{Identifier};
my $db = Radius::AuthGeneric::find($id);


my $id = Radius::Util::format_special('%{Handler:Identifier}', $request);
# $id return an empty string
my $db = Radius::AuthGeneric::find($id);

any ideas???

Kind Regards

Nathan Franklin
TSN Internet
nathan at tsn.cc
MSN: nathanfranko at hotmail.com

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