(RADIATOR) How does SessionDatabase SQL identify different connections?

Mario Lopez mario at openlink.es
Sun Dec 21 19:24:43 CST 2003

Hi Hugh,

I have bying trying to make work concurrent session control with MaxSessions
using SessionDatabase SQL.

The problem I think is that radiator uses NAS_IP_Address and NAS_Port to
identify different connections, am I wrong?. I mean, if he sees an Auth
Request from same NAS IP Addres and NAS Port as the one he has previously in
session database it considers it the same connection and it replaces the old
record in database for the new one. Is this correct?.

My problem is that my NAS (Gemtek Systems G6000) always uses same NAS IP
Address and NAS Port (port 0 by the way) and by that issue I always see one
connection independtly wich user is connected.

How could I modify this behaviour?, I have checked SessSQL.pm and I can
modify any of the SQL queries but I have noticed that every time a user
tries to log in I see a delete session ordered from radiator I guess this
has to do with radiator thinking that it is the same user that it is already
logged in, is the code that makes the decision on substituting or adding
record available?

Thanks :)

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