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Mike McCauley mikem at open.com.au
Fri Dec 5 17:16:55 CST 2003

Hello John,

On Sat, 6 Dec 2003 08:36 am, John Hoarty wrote:
> Can anyone help me? I'm desperate. I have one user that has an Aironet 350
> card and he is doing great. We have Cisco 1200 series APs. My other 8 users
> are using Panasonic Toughbooks with a WLAN security client and Intel's
> ProSet wireless software. The WLAN Security Client is where I set the
> security protocol being used (LEAP) and the LEAP username and password for
> that user. The Intel ProSet app is where I set whether authentication is
> "open", "shared" or "none", and where I enter the WEP key if used. ALL of
> my users are hitting the Radiator and the Radiator is dutifully
> authenticating everyone. But here's the rub ...
> The Panasonic Toughbook users are continually getting "deauthenticated" by
> the APs. This causes a loss of connectivity. The access point's log file
> will say "Deauthenticating, previous authentication no longer valid". I
> have been told that all of my radios need to be on different channels, but
> that didn't help. Any LEAP gurus out there? Thanks very much for your help.
> I realize that my problem is most likely with the 1200s.

Thanks for your note.

It sounds like your Toughbooks are getting deauthenticated after 
authenticating. This sort of thing is usually because the WEP keys are not 
being negotiated properly.

You should note that LEAP _always_ sends a client specific WEP key to the AP, 
and a Cisco AP will try to use it to talk to the client. If your clients are 
configured to use a static WEP key instead of "WEP is is supplied for me 
automatically", then the WEP key negotiation will fail. You should ensure 
your clients are configured to use a dynamic WEP key instead of a static WEP 


> John

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