(RADIATOR) AuthLog not working

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Fri Dec 5 16:47:42 CST 2003

Hello Rosario -

I will need to see a copy of your complete configuration file (no 
secrets), together with a trace 4 debug from Radiator showing what is 
happening. I suspect you are not referencing the AuthLog clause in your 
Realm(s) or Handler(s).

# define Realm or Handler with AuthLog

<Realm ....>
	AuthLog authlogger



On 06/12/2003, at 8:32 AM, Rosario Pingaro wrote:

> My configuration is win2000 server - perl 5.6. - radiator 3.7.1
> I have a very strange problem:
> the AuthLog clause seems not working at all, I have tried AuthLog File 
> and AuthLog SQL with any parameter. But the strange thing is that I 
> don't get any error into the debug trace. 
> For exemple:
> <AuthLog FILE>
>          Identifier authlogger
>          Filename %L/password.log
>          LogSuccess 1
>          LogFailure 1
>  </AuthLog>
> doesn't produce anuthing, no file no error.
> Any help please?
> Thanks

NB: have you included a copy of your configuration file (no secrets),
together with a trace 4 debug showing what is happening?

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