(RADIATOR) SQL accounting

Fred Leeflang f.leeflang at ict.hva.nl
Thu Dec 4 10:01:52 CST 2003


I have a setup where we have an EAP-TTLS outter authentication loop
and an inner authentication that uses two LDAP servers for authentication.

I had hoped I could do something like

<Handler TunneledByTTLS=1, Realm=...>
   <Authby GROUP>
	AuthByPolicy ContinueAlways
	AuthBy SQLAccounting
	AuthBy CheckLDAP1
	AuthBy CheckLDAP2

However, for obvious reasons, the accounting requests are not 
TunneledByTTLS so this is not going to work.

I wanted to have the AuthBy SQLAccounting within this AuthBy group
since that would disable the LDAP file logging.

Is there an elegant way to get SQL accounting in this setup?

Fred Leeflang
Sr. Infrastructuur Specialist, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
tel. 020-5952952 (06-30588921)

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