(RADIATOR) MaxSessions incorrect

Rodolfo Torrado López rtorrado at enred.com
Thu Dec 4 10:00:48 CST 2003

Hi there.

I have the following case:
I'm using a SQL server stored procedure in order to check the max sessions
for users.
Every user have a profile radius defined in my DB. In this profile I define
the attribue "Simultaneous-Use".
Each time that the user try to log on, I verify, using some tables in my
database, if the user have exceded his max simultaneous use value. In this
case I return an error to the RAS and the access for this user is denied.
This work fine.

I don't have difined parameters like MaxSessions or DefaultSimultaneousUse
for any realm in my config file, but some times I get the following error:
11/4/2003 7:55:25 PM Access rejected for myuser at enred.com: MaxSessions

How can I tell to Radiator that don't verify the MaxSessions for my users?
Until now, my unique solution is restart the service or use radpwtst


Rodolfo Torrado
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