(RADIATOR) help with <Handler Realm=RealmFoo>

Robert G. Fisher rfisher at mail.neocom.net
Wed Jul 31 16:37:35 CDT 2002

I'm having problems switching from a mixed config file
utilizing both <Realm> and <Handler> to all handlers 
using the Realm keyword as it doesn't seem to be 
matching.  Below is the config exerpt I'm trying to work
with.  However, it's not finding the <Handler Realm=sitestarsat.net>
even if I enclose the realm in quotes.  Looking at the Trace 4
output all my RewriteUsername's up to this point leave the
Realm portion alone as a <Realm> directive will match, but
for some reason the following example is matching Handler ''
or the default at the end even when I'm sending a username
of thisuser at sitestarsat.net.  I've also tried switching off
the User-Name attribute with the regexp like shown in the
first example but it was not matched either.  What have I

I'm testing with Radiator 3.1 on an XP Pro machine.

<Handler Client-Identifier = "QwestRoaming", User-Name = /\@sitestarsat.net$/>
	AuthByPolicy	ContinueAlways
	AuthBy		ISATProxy
	AuthBy		QwestAcct

<Handler Realm=sitestarsat.net>
	AuthByPolicy	ContinueAlways
	AuthBy		ISATProxy
	AuthBy		SitestarAcct

# Strip All REALMS
RewriteUsername s/^([^@]+).*/$1/

<Handler Client-Identifier = "QwestRoaming">
	AuthByPolicy	ContinueAlways
	AuthBy		QwestAcct
	AuthBy		QwestAuth

	AuthByPolicy	ContinueAlways
	AuthBy		SitestarAcct
	AuthBy		SitestarAuth

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