(RADIATOR) Allocating IPs

Ayotunde Itayemi aitayemi at metrong.com
Mon Jul 29 04:26:21 CDT 2002

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the replies.

I would like to know if there is anyway to strip or ignore the pool hint attribute
for certain clients. The reason:
We have NASes at two different locations. Most of the time clients would be dialing in
at a particular location and should get a certain range of IPs, but for the second group
of NASes, I have decided it would be simpler to just allocate a block of static IPs to the
NASes as each one has a single E1 connected to it (30 dial-in lines).

So if for example, client A dials into one of the E1 NASes, I would like the NAS to allocate
the IP from a pool defined on it, on the other hand if client A dials-in to our "regular" NASes,
(Windows 2000 server), I would like radiator to allocate the IP.
The problem is that I am validating requests against the same database which has to contain
pool hints for each client for the second scenario to work.

Tunde I.
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