(RADIATOR) Ascend Session-Timeout includes PreSession time?

Claudio Lapidus c_lapidus at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 26 22:23:58 CDT 2002

Hello Viraj,

>If I send a Session-Timeout value in my access accept, does this value 
>the time it takes for the modem to train and the user to authenticate, or 
>the timer started after authentication is successful?

I recall to have tested that about a year ago on a TNT unit and the timer is 
set to the effective session time. Trainup and auth times are left out. 
There may be a slight "fuzziness" in session duration, however, perhaps 
around five seconds or so.

>Related to this, does the Acct-Session-Time in accounting include that
>pre-authentication time as well?

Nope. Acct-Session-Time includes only the effective session time. You have 
Ascend-PreSession-Time if you want to know the other magnitude.


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