(RADIATOR) Multiple Line Caller ID feature

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Wed Jul 24 18:58:50 CDT 2002

Hello Amit -

Yes it is possible to do what you describe, but I need to know what type of 
authentication you are using. If you send me a copy of your configuration 
file (no secrets) I will take a look.

If you are using a flat file, you would do something like this:

# flat file for users

someuser Password = xxxxx, Calling-Station-Id = ......

# can also use regular expressions

anotheruser Password = yyyyyy, Calling-Station-Id = /...../



On Wed, 24 Jul 2002 17:37, Subscirptions wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> Hello.
> We are a cable internet service provider.
> My problem is that I am using a PPPOE server for which authentication and
> accounting is done with Radiator. Can I set in Radiator to authenticate on
> basis of CALLER ID ( ie hardware [MAC address] address of ethernet card ),
> USERNAME and PASSWORD. While right now we are using only 2 parameter for
> authentication USERNAME and PASSWORD.
> If it is possible, than is it also possible to assign multiple caller ID
> station. As i have few customer who got SImultaneous-Use >1, in such case
> MAC address of all the possible stations is suppose to be provided.
> If someone can help that would be so nice,
> Regards,
> Amit Gupta
> Network Administrator,
> Kappa Infotech Private Ltd., Kota
> www.kappa.net.in

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