(RADIATOR) Multiple Line Caller ID feature

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Wed Jul 24 02:37:51 CDT 2002

Dear Friends,


We are a cable internet service provider.

My problem is that I am using a PPPOE server for which authentication and accounting is done with Radiator. Can I set in Radiator to authenticate on basis of CALLER ID ( ie hardware [MAC address] address of ethernet card ), USERNAME and PASSWORD. While right now we are using only 2 parameter for authentication USERNAME and PASSWORD.

If it is possible, than is it also possible to assign multiple caller ID station. As i have few customer who got SImultaneous-Use >1, in such case MAC address of all the possible stations is suppose to be provided.

If someone can help that would be so nice,


Amit Gupta

Network Administrator,
Kappa Infotech Private Ltd., Kota 


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