(RADIATOR) redirecting webpage

Paul O'Shea paul at level9.net
Tue Jul 23 22:16:01 CDT 2002

Hey Shaun,

I think you are at the mercy of the users settings.... If they haven't specified their own DNS servers then you can successfully redirect them to your webserver by frigging your DNS then using maybe custom 404's to ensure no matter what URL they request they end up on your page...

The only way I can think of making certain, even if they use their own DNS server is to use some sort of proxy between your users and the internet. I'm pretty sure squid could be configured or something like a NetCache (Network Appliance). However if you go down this road you might end up having to buy some hefty machinery to cope with the traffic.

We recently had a similar issue with GPRS PDA's and unfortunately even if you send DNS attributes most OS's ignore them if they have user specified entries...



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  Could someone tell me how i could redirect users that login using a certain username to be redirected to a signup page? I'm connecting to a cisco5300 router and am trying to let radiator send a specific DNS entry to it rather than using the ones specified in the Windows dialer. It seems as though if you already have a Primary and Sec. DNS in your DUN then it prefers this . Could anyone tell me how i could override this feature and force them to use the bogous DNS server i modified  that'll redirect them to the page?

  Thanks in Advance
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