(RADIATOR) Memory leak in one of the modules or perl executable.

Dan Melomedman dmelomed at devonitnet.com
Tue Jul 23 17:13:39 CDT 2002

I noticed the perl process is growing linearly as the requests come in. 
Grows in size quite rapidly, eventually needs to be restarted. I suspected 
FreeTDS or OpenLDAP libraries (and these may too have leaks and probably do, 
but that testing is  later). 

To see if it could be something else, I created a simple config file with 
just AuthByTEST. Still leaks. This is on FreeBSD 4.5-STABLE and Perl 5.6.1. 
Perl 5.8.0 also leaks when running Radiator. Time::Hires is also installed. 
No other modules were used for this test. 

Here's my config (with fake system-related data): 

PidFile /tmp/testradiusd.pid
AuthPort        1898
AcctPort        1899
BindAddress ip.add.re.ss
LogDir          /tmp
DbDir           /tmp
DictionaryFile /blah/blah/dictionary 

<Client ip.add.re.ss>
       NoIgnoreDuplicates Access-Request #for testing only
       Secret  test
       RewriteUsername s/^(.*)\-(.*)/$1\@$2/ #user-org to user at org
       DefaultRealm test

<AuthBy TEST>
       Identifier test
</AuthBy TEST> 

<Handler Service-Type=Authenticate-Only,NAS-Port-Type=Virtual>
       Identifier test
       AuthBy test

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