(RADIATOR) Migrating to Radiator-Radius

Javier Ferruz Rodriguez jferruz at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 20 04:52:02 CDT 2002

I'm going to migrate to Radiator-Radius, so I'm going to evaluate the 

I have 2 files very important:

- users: define users with theirs properties (login, password, service-type, 
framed-protocol, framed-compression, ...)
- clients: who can to authenticate with radius server. This file has a few 
lines with <ip router> <password>

If my client file is abcd qwer

where must I set this information in Radiator-Radius? Maybe I set in 
Secret abcd
Secret qwer

Is this correct?

In radius.cfg thereis a section <Realm>, but I don't know use it. Can 
anybody help me?

Thanks in advance,

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