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Eric Lackey eric at isdn.net
Fri Jul 19 10:40:50 CDT 2002

Just FYI.  We were trying to figure out why our users were not being kicked
off our NAS once they reached their idle limit of 15 minutes.  After some
research I discovered this entry in an old Lucent TNT radius manual.  It
turns out that the attribute Ascend-Idle-Limit has been removed in the
latest versions of the code and no longer works.  I suppose that that the
change was made on all new software versions on all their routers.  I looked
through the archives and did not see anything about this, so I though some
might be interested.
Dependencies: Ascend-Idle-Limit will be deprecated in favor of the
RFC-defined attribute
Idle-Timeout (28) over time. Currently, if a user profile specifies both an
RFC-defined attribute
and an Ascend vendor attribute that performs a similar function, the last
one sent by the server
is used. However, using both attributes is not reliable and is not
Eric Lackey
ISDN-Net Operations
eric at isdn.net
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