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Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Thu Jul 18 20:09:13 CDT 2002

Hello Christian -

If you want to do both CHAP and PAP authentication, your passwords 
*must* be stored in clear text in the database.

If you want to store  encrypted passwords (and only use PAP) you must 
use an external program to do the encryption and then take the 
resulting string and put that into the database.



At 11:27 +0200 18/7/02, Christian Rautscher wrote:
>Hello Hugh, hello every1,
>is me again with the SQL Problem using MYSQL and Radiator.
>As last-way-out i tried the following:
>I reinstalled everything (OS/Radiator/Mysql) and updated the sql Database,
>so that
>my NAS was authorized to request Radiator for an incoming PPP.
>Than i tried to connect myself with the Example User (user: mikem pass:
>and it worked perfectly!!!!
>At this point i am sure that my Router Configuration + Radiator Config are
>Than i did create a new user in the DB:
>REPLYATTR, TIMELEFT ) values ( 'dialin', 'dialin', password
>('dialin'),'Service-Type = Framed-User', 'Framed-Protocol = PPP', '100');
>Than again i got the same error as before.
>That's why i am quite sure that the problem must be the encrypted Password.
>as you see in the above-mentioned SQL-String, i used:
>but nevertheless i did try using:
>crypt('dialin') or md5('dialin') too.
>If i do believe the Radiator-manual than Radiator is using as default a
>Unix crypt(3) standart
>In the DOC Reference (Page 149, ref.html, 13.1.1) are some written pieces
>of examples
>but i don't understand them correctly.
>That's why my question:
>Can anybody tell me the right syntax to insert a new User in the mysql,
>using the same encrytion as
>there had been used with the EXAMPLE mikem?
>Or to give me a hint, or if it's possible an Example?
>Thankyou just in advance.
>Kind regards,


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