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Christian Rautscher christian at
Thu Jul 18 04:27:12 CDT 2002

Hello Hugh, hello every1,
is me again with the SQL Problem using MYSQL and Radiator.
As last-way-out i tried the following:

I reinstalled everything (OS/Radiator/Mysql) and updated the sql Database,
so that
my NAS was authorized to request Radiator for an incoming PPP.

Than i tried to connect myself with the Example User (user: mikem pass:
and it worked perfectly!!!!
At this point i am sure that my Router Configuration + Radiator Config are

Than i did create a new user in the DB:

REPLYATTR, TIMELEFT ) values ( 'dialin', 'dialin', password
('dialin'),'Service-Type = Framed-User', 'Framed-Protocol = PPP', '100');

Than again i got the same error as before.
That's why i am quite sure that the problem must be the encrypted Password.
as you see in the above-mentioned SQL-String, i used:


but nevertheless i did try using:

crypt('dialin') or md5('dialin') too.

If i do believe the Radiator-manual than Radiator is using as default a
Unix crypt(3) standart
In the DOC Reference (Page 149, ref.html, 13.1.1) are some written pieces
of examples
but i don't understand them correctly.

That's why my question:
Can anybody tell me the right syntax to insert a new User in the mysql,
using the same encrytion as
there had been used with the EXAMPLE mikem?
Or to give me a hint, or if it's possible an Example?

Thankyou just in advance.
Kind regards,


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