(RADIATOR) Strange problem when upgrading

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Wed Jul 17 17:33:29 CDT 2002

Salut Jeje -

Comment va la vie?

The first question is "have you also applied all the patches for 3.1?".

The second question is the usual "can you please send me a copy of 
the configuration file (no secrets) together with a trace 4 debug 
showing what is happening?".

BTW - in what you show below, why don't you use an AuthBy INTERNAL?




At 18:25 +0200 17/7/02, Jerome Fleury wrote:
>When upgrading from 2.19 to. 3.1, I had a strange problem that made 
>me cancel the upgrade.
>this code (some hidden for security purpose):
><Handler Realm=/.*(foobar|adsl).hautdebit/>
>        <AuthBy FILE>
>                # accepte toutes les requetes venant du proxy
>                AcceptIfMissing
>                Filename /dev/null
>                AddToReply \
>                       Tunnel-Type=L2TP, \
>                       Tunnel-Medium-Type=IP, \
>                       Tunnel-Server-Endpoint=, \
>                       Tunnel-Assignment-ID=, \
>                       Tunnel-Server-Auth-ID=LNSTISFT01, \
>                       RB-Tunnel-Remote-Name=LNSTISFT01, \
>                       Class = "L2FT"
>       </AuthBy>
>used to work in 2.19.
>when upgrading to 3.1, AddToReply did not work any more and no 
>attributes were sent back during Access-Accept. I saw in Changelog 
>that a lot of code has been rewritten about Reply attributes.
>Why doesn't this work anymore ? Is there a workaround ?
>Jerome Fleury
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