(RADIATOR) no username and password logins

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Tue Jul 16 17:53:53 CDT 2002

Hello Dhammika -

This topic has been dicussed many times on the list, so check the 
archive site (www.open.com.au/archives/radiator) and do a search on 



At 15:57 +0600 16/7/02, Dhammika A Gunawardena wrote:
>We want to implement the following with Radiator and Cisco AS5300
>1. Users must be able to login without usernames and passwords. Only 
>the telephone number.
>2. To block certain numbers from calling. (Block by Caller-Station-Id)
>We have succeeded in the 1st. But not the 2nd.
>Please reply.
>Dhammika Gunawardena
>Suntel wOw


NB: I am travelling this week, so there may be delays in our correspondence.

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