(RADIATOR) Authby RADIUS feature request

Jeremy Hinton jgh at visi.net
Tue Jul 16 09:38:54 CDT 2002

	I have a feature request for another load balancing AuthBy based on AuthBy 
RADIUS. I would like to see AuthBy LEASTCONNS. This would check to see 
which radius server had the least pending/outstanding connections, and 
would use that server to process the request. Since AuthBy Radius is done 
asynchronously, with slow external servers, you could have multiple pending 
requests. I started to implement this myself, but i couldn't find a way to 
determine active queries per host from within chooseHost() (without mucking 
about in AuthRADIUS.pm and adding a counter to hosts). I am testing 
authentication off an LDAP server which has the unfortunate side affect of 
introducing a 2 second delay with authentication failures. this can result 
in valid queries getting backlogged behind failures. The idea is as 
follows: Have a main radius server running AuthBy LEASTCONNS, which then 
forwards on to several back end radius servers running AuthBy LDAP. If a 
query gets directed to back end server #1 that is failed a login, future 
queries will go to the other servers until server #1 gets a response and 
finishes the query. Obviously an asynchronous AuthBy LDAP would make this a 
non-issue, but that is a much larger project. Am i missing an easier way to 
resolve this problem? 

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