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Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Fri Jul 12 03:56:24 CDT 2002

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Subject: Re: Fwd: (RADIATOR) MS Encryption attributes
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 17:36:33 +1000
From: Mike McCauley <mikem at open.com.au>
To: hugh at open.com.au


We have recently made some changes to AuthGeneric so that the AutoMPPEKeys
paramter now correclty conputes the MS-CHAP-MPPE-Keys for mschap v1 and
MS-MPPE-Send-Key and MS-MPPE-Recv-Key for mschap v2. See the Radiator 3.1
patches area.

Prior to that you might have expcted problem in any configuraiton that
 require MPPE keys.

As far as I know, the dicitonary entries you mention are correct. 

Do you have any debug from your ras server to indicate what the problem is?


On Thu, 11 Jul 2002 17:23, Hugh Irvine wrote:
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> Subject: (RADIATOR) MS Encryption attributes
> Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 18:46:25 +0100
> From: aitayemi at metrong.com (Ayotunde Itayemi)
> To: "Hugh at Open.Com.Au" <hugh at open.com.au>
> Cc: <radiator at open.com.au>
> Hi Hugh,
> I extracted the following from the dictionary file that came with radiator
>  3.0
> Please can you have Mike take a look at it? Is it correct?
> I have tried to implement encryption on a Windows 2000 RAS server
> but I have had no success - I sent a mail to the mailing list some time
> ago.
> Please it would be nice if you can check the attribute values, and the data
>  type also.
> #VALUE   MS-MPPE-Encryption-Policy   Encryption-Allowed         1
> #VALUE   MS-MPPE-Encryption-Policy   Encryption-Required        2
> # Is this correct?:
> #VALUE   MS-MPPE-Encryption-Types    Encryption-40              4
> #VALUE   MS-MPPE-Encryption-Types    Encryption-128             2
> #VALUE   MS-MPPE-Encryption-Types    Encryption-Any             6
> #       RcryptKey
> Regards,
> Tunde I.
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