(RADIATOR) Regex Handlers or bits of the attribute in a RewriteUsername?

Jeremy Burton jpburton at netspace.net.au
Mon Jul 8 04:26:15 CDT 2002

Hi there,
   At present, I'm trying to do some work with some weird L2TP stuff. 
Basically, I'm using 2 different wholesalers for ADSL. I want to use 
different handlers for each. They both come in from the same client ip 
address, so I can't just use different client clauses.  I can use the 
Tunnel-Client-Endpoint to tell them apart, however for one of the 
providers there are an awful lot of these, and it would make it ugly. 
However I thought I could use a regex handler, excepting that it would 
appear that only Realms support regex (I couldn't find anyhting in the 
docs about handlers supporting regex).
I was then hoping that perhaps I could do
   RewriteUsername s/$/\@adsl-%{Tunnel-Client-Endpoint}//
then from that I could use a regex Realm, but obviously that doesn't 
work... Anyone got any suggestions about something I could try to get 
around my problem?



Jeremy Burton
Developer/SysAdmin/DBA, Netspace Online Systems
jpburton at netspace.net.au

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