(RADIATOR) problem with multiple realms in one username

sviatoslav.rimdenok at colt.ch sviatoslav.rimdenok at colt.ch
Mon Jul 8 03:13:42 CDT 2002

 Hi Guys,
 We've got Radiator running on our side. Recently I've found really strange
behaviour of Radiator, - the "problem" comes then username in the incoming
RADIUS packet looks like "username at realmone@realmtwo" (please see the live
example from the log file):

... skipped .....

Mon Jul  8 04:20:39 2002: DEBUG: Packet dump:
*** Received from port 51675 ....
Code:       Access-Request
Identifier: 185
Authentic:  <136>1<0><0>so<0><0><5><13><0><0>84<0><0>
        User-Name = "someone at slava.com@SLAVA"
        User-Password =
        NAS-Identifier = "i-Pass VNAS"
        NAS-IP-Address =
        NAS-Port = 1
        Service-Type = Framed-User
        Framed-Protocol = PPP

Mon Jul  8 04:20:39 2002: DEBUG: Check if Handler Realm=slava.com should be
used to handle this request
Mon Jul  8 04:20:39 2002: DEBUG: Handling request with Handler

... skipped .....

In the configuration file we have a handler like <Handler Realm=slava.com>
... </Handler>, so we expect that it satisfies all usernames like
"user at slava.com".. But, as the reality showed, it matches
"username at slava.com@SLAVA" too..

Most probably that's expected behaviour of Radiator, but how we should
change our Handler <Handler Realm=..> to work it properly according to our

Thank you so much for your help!

sincerely yours,

Slava Rimdenok

Sviatoslav Rimdenok
System Administrator
COLT Telecom AG
Badenerstrasse 820
CH-8048 Zürich

t: 	+41 1 5 600 900
f:	 	+41 1 5 600 910
e:            mailto:sviatoslav.rimdenok at colt.ch

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