(RADIATOR) Experience with using Radiator to manage 75,000+ ports?

Andrew Hill andrew.hill at comindico.com.au
Sun Jul 7 19:14:02 CDT 2002


We are contemplating moving from our current RADIUS system to Radiator
and one of the more complex tasks we need to perform is the management
of about 75,000 ports (and growing). 

Comindico is a service provider that wholesales dial port access (and
other services) to ISP's. Our ports are spread across 66 locations and
are currently offered in three tiers: local; regional; and national. We
allocate ports across these groups with priority and overflow features.

I was wondering if anyone with experience of using Radiator for a
similar function, on a similar scale, could give me a brief account of
the successes and/or problems they have encountered, and possibly even a
brief description of how they implemented this solution.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Andrew Hill.
Systems Engineer - Comindico.
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