(RADIATOR) Conditional AcctSQLStatement

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Mon Jul 1 02:15:25 CDT 2002

Hello Robert -

Acct-Status-Type 3 is an alive packet.

This is from the standard Radiator dictionary:

#       Status Types

VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Start                   1
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Stop                    2
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Alive                   3
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Modem-Start             4
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Modem-Stop              5
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Cancel                  6
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Accounting-On           7
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Accounting-Off          8

You can either use an AccountingStopsOnly parameter in the AuthBy SQL clause, 
or you can use Handlers to catch the different types of packet.

See section 6.28.12 in the Radiator 3.1 reference manual.



On Mon, 1 Jul 2002 04:44, Robert G. Fisher wrote:
>     I'm using AcctSQLStatement to update the TIMELEFT
> field in my customer's record.  However, I'm running
> into a problem with it deleting more time than I'd
> like due to the fact that this is occuring on all
> Accounting packets -- where Acct-Status-Type = 1 was
> never a concern for me since Acct-Session-Time will
> be 0 in these cases; however, I also seem to be
> getting a lot of packets that have Acct-Status-Type
> of 3.
>     I know how to do conditionals in the SQL statement;
> however, I do not know how I would utilize the value
> from %{Acct-Status-Type} inside a condition, or even
> what Acct-Status-Type = 3 is.

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