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Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Mon May 22 21:19:52 UTC 2023

On 22.5.2023 9.37, Greg Haverkamp via radiator wrote:

> I'm attempting to call a fairly simple (but non-modifiable) restful 
> API by means of AuthBy REST, and I cannot seem to make sense of how I 
> should act upon the response it gives.
> I get a JSON response that looks something like this:
> {
> "version": "LinOTP 2.11.2",
> "jsonrpc": "2.0802",
> "result": {
>    "status": true,
>    "value": false
> },
> "id": 0
> }

I can create an example of how to access the contents of the "result" 
key. The default is to create a Perl hash for the keys but more complex 
structures require more configuration.

> I've also been trying MapResponseHook, but the documentation on that 
> is, shall we say, spartan. I just figured it might get the server 
> response into a place where I could access it via AuthBy internal or a 
> post auth hook, maybe that's what's required.
> Does someone have an example of how to use this with JSON going back 
> in response?

The MapResponseHook would be the tool here, and as you kindly put it, it 
needs a better example of how to process responses like the one above. I 
think there are at least two options here: use "status" and/or "value" 
directly to trigger a reject or reply, or then save their values so that 
they can be processed later. For example, for a hook or another AuthBy 
you've mentioned above.

I'll get back to this.


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