[RADIATOR] Win32::NetAdmin issue

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Thu Oct 28 13:25:35 UTC 2021

On 28.10.2021 13.24, Víktu Pons i Colomer wrote:

> We have just upgraded Radiator from 4.23 to 4.25 (Strawberry Perl on 
> Windows).

If you also updated your Strawberry Perl, please add Win32::NetAdmin 
module to your Strawberry Perl installation. The installation comes with 
a number of Win32 modules, but Win32::NetAdmin is not one of them.

The following should work:
- open command line that has Strawberry Perl PATH and other enviroment set
- run: cpanm Win32::NetAdmin

If the installation fails during the test phase, consider using the 
version from the Win32::NetAdmin repository:


The repository has one update after the current release that fixes the 

> “Could not handle an EAP request: Undefined subroutine 
> &Win32::NetAdmin::GroupIsMember called at 
> C:/Strawberry/perl/site/lib/Radius/AuthLSA.pm line 384.”

I compared Radiator 4.25 and 4.23 AuthLSA.pm and I think the changes 
should not trigger this problem. In other words, I'd say the problem is 
simply that Win32::NetAdmin is not installed.


Heikki Vatiainen
OSC, makers of Radiator
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