[RADIATOR] Reload Clients cache list ?

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Wed Oct 20 09:49:20 UTC 2021

On 14.10.2021 14.11, Patrik Forsberg wrote:

> Yes I'm aware of that but there is no way to manually force an update prior to the RefreshPeriod trigger ?

Here's one method if you don't mind needing to use internals a bit more 
than usual. Theory of operation:
- There is only one ClientList of any type (if not, adjust [0] below)
- RefreshPeriod is configured
- Between refresh events, 'kill -WINCH <pid>' forces action that is 
similar of periodic refresh happening
- refresh_timeout() is called by periodic event scheduler. 
refresh_timeout() also sets the trigger for the next periodic timeout

In short: the above triggers additional refresh between periodic refresh 

WINCHHook sub { my $cl = $main::config->{ClientList}->[0]; \
    my $handle = $cl->{_timeouthandle}; \
    Radius::Select::remove_timeout($handle); \
    Radius::ClientListSQL::refresh_timeout($handle, $cl); }

If you run Radiator with debug logging enabled, it will show what 
happens with SIGWINCH.


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