[RADIATOR] AuthBy LDAP2 and FailureBackoffTime

Jan Tomasek jan at tomasek.cz
Tue Jun 8 13:31:30 UTC 2021

On 08. 06. 21 15:16, Jan Tomasek wrote:
> I also attached log example. I just realized, that access-reject is 
> produced for transmitted request. 

I mean re-transmitted, here is client side:

Received RADIUS message
RADIUS message: code=11 (Access-Challenge) identifier=6 length=101
    Attribute 79 (EAP-Message) length=63
    Attribute 80 (Message-Authenticator) length=18
       Value: 1e0905ad595712969322e32c4677dfa2
Sending RADIUS message to authentication server
RADIUS message: code=1 (Access-Request) identifier=7 length=290
    Attribute 1 (User-Name) length=20
       Value: 'netsaint at cesnet.cz'
    Attribute 4 (NAS-IP-Address) length=6
    Attribute 31 (Calling-Station-Id) length=19
       Value: '70-6F-6C-69-01-F7'
    Attribute 12 (Framed-MTU) length=6
       Value: 1400
    Attribute 61 (NAS-Port-Type) length=6
       Value: 19
    Attribute 6 (Service-Type) length=6
       Value: 2
    Attribute 77 (Connect-Info) length=79
       Value: 'ermon.cesnet.cz is testing realm cesnet.cz at radius 
server radius1.cesnet.cz'
    Attribute 79 (EAP-Message) length=110
    Attribute 80 (Message-Authenticator) length=18
       Value: 4dea5652d58321283164c6c12bdb323c
STA 70:6f:6c:69:01:f7: Resending RADIUS message (id=7)
Received RADIUS message
RADIUS message: code=3 (Access-Reject) identifier=7 length=60
    Attribute 79 (EAP-Message) length=6
       Value: 04840004
    Attribute 80 (Message-Authenticator) length=18
       Value: 5d71bbb4c23aabcff00098829a478142
    Attribute 18 (Reply-Message) length=16
       Value: 'Request Denied'

Please note, that "Resending RADIUS message (id=7)" after which reject come.

Sorry for double post.
Jan Tomasek aka Semik

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