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Johnson, Neil M neil-johnson at uiowa.edu
Mon Aug 23 21:14:11 UTC 2021

That was the issue. Thanks!

Neil Johnson (he/him/his)

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On 19.8.2021 21.32, Johnson, Neil M wrote:

> I have the following in my radiator.conf
>      # vSRX Clients
>      AuthorizeGroup nes_vSRX_group permit service=junos-exec { 
> local-user-name=tacplus-nes }

Spaces aren't allowed after '{'. Try this:

AuthorizeGroup nes_vSRX_group permit service=junos-exec {local-user-name=tacplus-nes}

If you check the startup messages in Radiator's log, there should be something like this:

Fri Aug 20 13:26:33 2021: ERR: Invalid reply item ' 
local-user-name=tacplus-nes ' in AuthorizeGroup rule: permit service=junos-exec { local-user-name=tacplus-nes }

I looked at the configuration samples, reference manual and old versions 
and it seems this has always been the case. It seems a bit strict, 
though. I'll update the manual to be clear about this.


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