[RADIATOR] Ubuntu 16.04 Radiator build

Gabe Carmichael Gabe at lksd.org
Fri May 10 00:36:09 UTC 2019

Good afternoon,
I am building a new radiator instance on Ubuntu 16.04 to replace my aging
12.04 nad 14.04 instances. I have come across something I have not seen

administrator at bet-vm-COS:/var/log/radiator$ sudo cat radiator.log

00000000 Thu May  9 16:25:50 2019 566939: INFO: Using Net::SSLeay 1.72 with
SSL/TLS library version 0x1000207f (OpenSSL 1.0.2g  1 Mar 2016)

00000000 Thu May  9 16:25:50 2019 567200: WARNING: Startup check could not
load Digest::MD4. See Radiator reference manual for DisabledRuntimeChecks

00000000 Thu May  9 16:25:50 2019 567751: NOTICE: Server started: Radiator
4.23 on bet-vm-COS

200adb80 Thu May  9 16:28:56 2019 166103: INFO: Access rejected for gabe:
Handled and rejected by default-handler

administrator at bet-vm-COS:/var/log/radiator$

 I found the DisabledRuntimeChecks section in the ref.pdf, but since I have
not seen this in any of my other instances, does this go to the config file
in /etc/radiator, or somewhere else?

# Our OpenSSL is patched but still reports vulnerable version

DisabledRuntimeChecks CVE-2014-0160

Have not had to build an auth box in a long time and we do all of our auth
by sql, so I will never be doing any of the mschap or varients.  Any help
would be very much appreciated.


Gabe Carmichael
Network/Voip Administrator
Lower Kuskokwim School District
LKSD Internal 4 digit dial - 4860
Skype: gabes72riv
gabe at lksd.org <gabe_carmichael at lksd.org>
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