[RADIATOR] DB logging

Karri Huhtanen kh at open.com.au
Wed Jul 17 09:07:37 UTC 2019

On Tue, 16 Jul 2019 at 14:30, Eric W. Bates <ericx at whoi.edu> wrote:
> I'm using MySQL as my backend for radiator and I think I'm having SQL
> timeouts whenever the database is backed up.
> Does Radiator log SQL errors and/or how do I get those to show up?

Radiator only logs SQL errors when it tried to access the database and
cannot do that for some reason. These errors are logged in the main
Radiator logfile at least with Trace level 3. If you are trying to
catch the timeout I think setting up radpwtst to try to authenticate
every second might help to generate SQL requests also at the your
database is backed up. You can use for example cron or  watch and
screen to setup this kind of test. Please ensure that the
authentication request is that kind of authentication which makes
Radiator to access the database, otherwise this test does not help


// kh

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