[RADIATOR] "IgnoreIfMissing" required?

Christian Meutes christian at errxtx.net
Fri Jan 18 11:21:51 UTC 2019


I'am a bit stuck on implementing the following logic:

(1) First AuthBy/Backend (Radmin/SQL): If user found either 'Accept'
or 'Reject' depending on check-item result. If user is not found, try
out the second backend.

(2) Second AuthBy/Backend (LDAP): If user found then 'Accept' or do
'Reject' if not found.

Using 'AuthByPolicy ContinueWhileIgnore', while a third 'AuthBy
INTERNAL' makes sure to 'Accept' in case the backends before failed,
thus delivered 'Ignores' and did fall through.

I wonder how to implement the first 'AuthBy', there is
'AcceptIfMissing', but there is no 'IgnoreIfMissing'.

AuthGeneric.pm seems the place to patch this in, but I'm pretty sure
that I just miss the right knobs or a proper policy(-design), or not?

Apparently I need some inspiration, anyone? :-)


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