[RADIATOR] Dedicated debug/trace log for specific AuthBys and Handlers

Christian Meutes christian at errxtx.net
Fri Jan 11 22:31:37 UTC 2019

Hi Hugh,

On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 10:21 PM Hugh Irvine <hugh at open.com.au> wrote:

> # define Log clauses for use elsewhere without them being global loggers
> <AuthBy GROUP>
>         <Log ….>
>                 Identifier Something
>                 …..
>         </Log>
>         <Log …..>
>                 Identifier Whatever
>                 …..
>         </Log>
>         …..
> </AuthBy>

ah ok, so a dedicated "<AuthBy GROUP>" which contains all and just loggers.

> btw - you can also use "Include …." directives to better organise your
> configuration file(s)

Just tried out if I could use a dedicated "debug.cfg" to use that for
setting trace values only ("DefineFormattedGlobalVar DEBUG_AUTHBY_FOO 5")
and then inside the AuthBys (and Handlers) I thought I could make use of
those earlier defined variables in "debug.cfg" by simply setting "Trace
%{GlobalVar:DEBUG_AUTHBY_FOO}". But this seems unsupported as far as I can

Anyway, going to make use of your suggestion now. Many thanks for that!

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