[RADIATOR] Bad-authenticator

MEjaz mejaz at cyberia.net.sa
Tue Apr 30 09:39:20 UTC 2019

I made sure from the NAS side the secret is same as what I have configured
in Client clause. 
Is there any other clue?

Thanks in advance..

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On 29/04/2019 12.38, MEjaz wrote:

> I'm getting a "Bad Authenticator" message using > Radiator. Cisco,  
> O/S is Solaris. And with MSSQL database.
> Any idea how to fix this? Any help would be appreciated!

Check that the secret within <Client> matches what's
configured on that IP address (RADIUS client). You'll see this error when
the server (Radiator) and client (NAS) shared secrets are not equal.

Note that the shared secret is not for encrypting the whole message. 
This is why you see most of the values in clear text in RADIUS requests even
if the secret is not correct.


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