[RADIATOR] Possible bug in RewriteUsername

Amândio Antunes Gomes Silva amandio at scom.uminho.pt
Fri Jan 12 09:16:09 UTC 2018

Happy new year to all of you too!

Try escape the '@' sign (in perl, @word represents the array 'word'),

Try something like:

RewriteUsername s/^(.*)\@domain$/$1/

Hope this helps.



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Assunto: [RADIATOR] Possible bug in RewriteUsername

Hello and happy new year,

It seems that there is a problem with RewriteUsername function. When I try to rewrite something like @domain (@ next to a word) I get an error.


RewriteUsername s/^(.*)@domain$/$1/

I get the following error while authenticating user at domain

ERR: Error while rewriting username user at domain: Global symbol "@domain"
requires explicit package name at (eval 172) line 1.

If I use

RewriteUsername s/^(.*)@[d]omain$/$1/

the rewriting succeedes.
The same happens for every word after the @.

Is this a bug, or I'm missig something?


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